Digital Transport Cargo Forum: G7 Presents Its Vision for Intelligent Cargo; and Yimidida are On-Board

January 17, 2019

​2018 saw China’s logistics market grow to nearly 13 trillion yuan ($1.3t USD), according to the China Communications and Transportation Association. This is a direct result of heavy investment in technologies, such as AI and IoT, bolstered by government policies.


On January 16, G7 brought together leaders in the logistics industry in its hosted forum: Digital Cargo Transport. G7 Founder and CEO Xuehun Zhai presented his vision for the future of cloud-based cargo tracking and shared his ideas on how G7 will become more involved at the warehouse.


Core to this was the notion that the future of the logistics relies on full-visibility and control:


Storyboard presented by Zhai on the Future of Logistics


Achieving this requires the “digitization of analog assets”, meaning machines such as trailers, forklifts, pallet jacks, and coolers. Stated Zhai, "What you are seeing is the integration of vehicle + trailer + warehouse. This is what it means to achieve full visual control.”


The first step in G7's future roadmap is its Intelligent Trailer. This product has made huge strides since its introduction late last year. Most recently, the trailer has integrated G7’s proprietary self-determining weight solution, allowing fleet managers to tap into their fleet’s load utilization, from any internet-connected device. While en-route cargo visibility was the primary benefit, customers also liked the ability to measure staff efficiency during loading and unloading. guest shares insight on the trailer industry. commented that historically these metrics were determined manually (e.g. clipboards, papers, and stopwatches), a cumbersome process with unverifiable results. The Intelligent Trailer renders this manual process obsolete and even transmits the results directly to billing/payment systems, again reducing information transfer time .


First generation users, Yimidida (壹米滴答), Kuayue Express (跨越速运) and Transfar (传化智联) reaffirmed that G7’s Intelligent Trailer allowed for broader data monitoring, particularly around visibility and safety. This resulted in higher efficiency for drop-and-pull transport, and ultimately yielded higher margins. Stated Alex Ding, General Manager of G7’s Intelligent Assets Division, ”G7 looks forward to the ‘Intelligent Upgrade’ of the industry. Companies that are not getting on platform-based systems with digitized equipment may see relative service standards decline and struggle to remain competitive in tomorrow’s industry.”


Intelligent Trailer Panel. From left to right: Mr. Li Yi, Director of Commercial Vehicle Model Museum; Mr. Zhang Wei, Deputy General Manager of Information Technology Service Department of Chuanhua Zhilian City Logistics Center; Ms. Wang Xiaoyan, Head of Kuayue Express; Mr. Liu Dong, Senior Vice President of Yimidida; and Mr. Thomas Wang, President of G7 Intelligent Equipment Business, participated in the round table forum.

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