G7's Car Transporter for the Era of Smart Logistics

December 17, 2018

With new regulations for car transport enacted in the second half of 2018, the central-axis car transporter has become the main focus of the vehicle transport industry. Many car companies and logistics companies have upgraded their products in order to be compliant and data management has become an important factor affecting the safety and efficiency of vehicle transport. After the launch of the Intelligent Trailer, G7 presented its solution for the vehicle transport industry: the G7 Intelligent Central-Axis Car Transporter.

How powerful is it?





The two basic elements of the logistics industry are "efficiency" and "safety". G7's Central-Axis Car Transporter is significantly different from the traditional car transporter. With G7's AI algorithm and the accumulation of Big Data, the G7 Intelligent Central-Axis Car Transporter has improved “efficiency” and “safety” with in-depth intelligence. It is not only an “intelligent transportation vehicle” but also an “intelligent dispatching platform”.


Efficiency - The Real Intelligent Dispatching Platform


The G7 Central-Axis Car Transporter is equipped with a vehicle sensing system that automatically records the number of loaded vehicles during loading and unloading. New car owners can know their vehicle’s status in real-time, even down to which spot on the transporter their car has been set.

Upon receiving a new order, the Intelligent Dispatching Platform will analyze the criteria of the order, scan the number of available spots, and select the most suitable transporter. Since orders are dynamically scheduled, the loading rate can be improved, saving cost, and increasing overall transportation efficiency.

All driving data is recorded in real-time, including fuel consumption, mileage, profit calculation, and driver’s safety index. Detailed account records and driver reports are generated automatically at the time of delivery.


Safety - An Automatic and Safe Intelligent Device


1. Anti-rollover

The tires of the Central-Axis Car Transporter are smaller with a lower center of gravity. The G7 Central-Axis Car Transporter is equipped with an Electronic Brake System (EBS), which monitors the tire speed and the lateral acceleration of the vehicle in real-time, and performs different levels of brake intervention on the tires to actively prevent rollover accidents.


With accumulated statistics from hundreds of thousands of high-risk events and rollover accidents, the AI algorithm has put together a rollover map. Before a G7 Central-Axis Car Transporter enters an accident-prone area of the map, the driver will be alerted.


2. Anti-fatigue driving
Thanks to facial recognition technology, driving behaviors such as closed eyes and yawns are recognized in real-time. The system sends alerts to remind drivers that they are tired.

3. Anti-collision
The G7 Central-Axis Car Transporter's ADAS system continuously scans road conditions during driving and provides warnings for collision, lane departure, pedestrian detection, and other alerts to forestall any accident.

4. Auto tire pressure measurement
Tire status directly affects driving safety. The G7 Central-Axis Car Transporter is equipped with real-time tire monitoring and data is uploaded directly to the cloud to further ensure driving safety.

In the vehicle transport industry, vehicle compliance is the norm for today. Digitization of equipment and routes will be the norm for the future. The G7 Central-Axis Car Transporter is setting the standards for the tomorrow's vehicle transport.


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