Connectivity Starts With Me

October 12, 2018


Connectivity starts with me.

I am a field engineer in G7’s Implementation Team.

My mission is to provide fleets

with high-quality and agile services.

Connectivity is at the heart of everything.


Just to “connect”

From the twilight of dawn to the darkening of dusk,

We are responding to our customers’ needs.

Sprinting across the logistic park from truck to truck

Lightning execution --- it’s a race against the clock.

A minute saved for me

is a minute saved for them.


Just to “connect”

Weather won’t defeat me.

In 38 degree summer,

sweat blurring my vision,

I will still pick through each line

of the simmering truck.

It’s winter, near freezing outside.

I can barely feel my fingers, but you’ll

still find me under the truck

checking equipment.

What’s a little hard work for my customer.


Just to “connect”

I study every vehicle,

familiarize myself with each engine,

know each cable.

I am a professional. My work is reliable.

Every moment, I am earning my customers’ trust.


Just to “connect”

I test, over and over again.

Each device must operate properly.

I can never be too careful or too patient.

This is my value to my customer.


A satisfied smile. A word of praise.

That is my reward.

The world has moved one step forward.

I am part of the movement.


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