G7 Ushers In the Next Generation of Trailer, IoT-Style

June 27, 2018


I am the G7 Intelligent Trailer.

On the outside, I’m just another trailer.

But inside, I’m revolutionary.

The rebel to the status quo.


From the onset, I was designed with IoT, Big Data, and AI in mind.

Technology first. Trailer second.

Watch as I usher in the next generation of trailers:

comprehensive, intuitive, and self-deterministic.


Loading Goods

At its most basic levels, a trailer must store and transport goods.  Today the loading and unloading is manual and cumbersome. However, I change that.  Already, I have partnered with Yilianda to feature an automated platform which will reduce loading and unloading times by 30%. A driver can do all this by barely lifting a finger.



Next, say farewell to weighing stations because I no longer need to be checked. Equipped with weight sensors, I know my own status at all times.  Every time you load and unload, I record it. This eventually forms a load curve which indicates giving you a quick view of your truck utilization, as well as the condition of your goods.


As a logistics practitioner, you understand how challenging it can be to handle all the book calculations, cost statistics, records of income and the lengthy cost details, but with me, you don't need to do anything, the numbers are accurate. I will do the work and report your bill to you.



Rollover is the biggest threat to trailer safety.  Long road trips, new routes, unfamiliar drivers. With these factors, accidents can happen at any time.  Be at ease. With thousands of data recording points, and self-learning processes, I know the most dangerous sections of the road. In my mind is an anti-rollover map to shield you from danger. I can plan the best routes accordingly, and eliminate safety risks in advance.

Rounding the corner too fast? Don’t worry, I’ll compensate for it. My Rollover Stability System (RSS) will activate to intervene on your speed and braking system to ensure all tires stay on the road.




I know which tractor that is pulling me.  Moving or stationary. Engaged or disconnected.  I will keep you informed on your tractor-trailer status.



Never worry about the location of your cargo.  A full-screen monitoring system will give a snapshot of all the the vehicles on your fleet.  I can conveniently also show you your real-time utilization, giving you complete control of your fleet.


Tire Safety

Safety of Life is directly correlated to Safety of Tires.  To that end, I will provide real-time updates on tire pressures and temperatures to ensure that everything is good to go.  Low on air? Don’t worry, I am equipped with an automatic inflation system.



Parking Blind

You may not have eyes at the back of your head, but I do. As I reverse, I give warnings if obstacles are within 50-200cm. If you are backing up at speeds higher than 9km/hr, I will automatically alert you while increasing the braking force. A gentle reminder that safety comes first.


Once parked, I can be locked down.  Anywhere. Any place. With just one tap of a finger.



TailGuard Assistance

Not all loading docks are the same. Some are higher and some are lower.  To help you with loading and unloading, I will automatically level myself to the dock platform.  Right side lower than the left? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Your crates of wine glasses are safe with me.


For the future, I will commit this to memory so that next time, we are ready to go.



Aerodynamic Facelift

I am equipped with the latest aerodynamics features such as side panels, saving you 1.5L per 100km and reducing CO2 emissions by up to 3.8 tons per year.


Am I changing the way you think about trailers?

Ready to lower costs? Increase safety?

Welcome to the era of smart mobility - trailer style.


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