Movin' On at Michelin

June 18, 2018


In late May, G7 attended Michelin's Annual Movin' On conference. Dubbed as the World Congress of Sustainable Mobility, Michelin brought together actors from across the automotive ecosystem: OEs, telcos, governing bodies, and educational institutions.  G7 was invited as part of a start-up contingent.


At the conference's Start-up Village, 40 companies provided a showcase of the latest innovations from across the globe.  G7, one of three companies participating from China, presented its driver safety module.  This novel product combines ADAS, engine data, and video-based driver behavior analysis to assign drivers a risk profile and infer areas for transport improvement.  It has been deployed in fleets across China.  Other start-ups covered areas such as hyperloop, wind-powered ocean freight, and personal electric transport via waterways.


Michelin CEO Jean-Dominique Senard stressed the importance of businesses to work hand-in-hand with regulatory agencies to align goals to ensure growing municipal populations do so by sustainable means.  According to UN statistics, by 2050, 70% of the population will be living in cities, up from 55% today. In contradiction to promoting Michelin's tire sales, Senard urged businesses to prolong their tire lifespan, citing that premature disposal leads to unnecessary waste. To offset this, it was Michelin's responsibility to invest more into improved technologies, such as optimal tire longevity; finding ways to enhance businesses through smarter, sustainable means.. 

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