China Logistics and Purchasing Federation Publishes April Data Report

May 30, 2018


The China Logistics and Purchasing Federation (Automotive Logistics Branch) has released an industry statistic report in conjunction with G7 for April 2018. Based on the road freight data from G7 platform, the overall road transport segment remained stable in April.


During the month, the average operating mileage per logistics vehicle in China was 5949.63 km. This was an increase of 30.38% compared to February. Those vehicles in the top 10%, in accordance to operating efficiency, ran an average of 15371.16 km/vehicle, an increase of 7.16% in comparison to April 2017. 

It can be seen that the vehicle transportation market experienced a relatively retracted business because of objective factors such as weather and holidays in January and February and began to be released substantially. At the same time, this coincides with the steady growth of the overall development of the automotive industry, as well as the significant growth in sales of passenger cars. As the government enforces on the management of vehicle transport and compliant transportation vehicles, the road transport industry is increasingly emphasizing on improving the the operating efficiency.


When analyzed with respect to distance, findings show that short distance travel (as defined as 500 km or less) account for 75.14% of total transport; median distance travel (500-1200 km) account for 9.62%; and long distance (greater than 1000 km) account for 15.24% of routes traveled.


From the data of several representative companies, the average operating mileage decreased slightly. This is due to the fact that April is off-season for the shipping industry, while more of the reason is that the main road transport is shifting to railway and water transport, and gradually confirm the public, iron, water multi-modal transport industry trend. Although the average operating mileage in March has increased significantly, there was a slight decrease when compared to March 2017. The reason for this is that the short-distance highway transport is affected by the transfer of line transport to railway and water transport. It also shows that the multimodal transport of highway, steel and water is getting more clear day by day.






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