Dear G7 Colleagues,

January 8, 2018


Dear G7 Colleagues,


Looking back at the partner conference, hosted at the end of 2017, I believe that everyone who attended shares my feeling of excitement.  The enthusiastic response of customers serves to reaffirm our direction. I would like to thank all 1,300 of you.  Because of your commitment, our dream is becoming a reality.


In this rapidly changing era of IoT, we are eyewitnesses to the revolution of our industry, however, we, ourselves, must also evolve in order to achieve our company strategy and dream.  To do so, first of all, I would like to announce four core values:



At the partner conference, GLP CEO Mei Zhiming left a strong impression with me when he said, "G7’s most important accomplishment is the trust it has earned from so many big businesses and fleets." Achieving our vision means holding the keys to the industry’s sensitive real-time data. Only through honesty and integrity can our customers entrust us with this information.  On a personal level, it is because of our virtuous colleagues at G7 that we can proudly tell our families, "I am doing something meaningful with a group of upright people." Integrity is the cornerstone of everything we do.



We happen to be in an era where data and AI will completely rebuild, not only our industry, but also the economy and society. We know that AI will replace many "good" jobs that exist in an established, secure, and defined system.  We are not afraid of this change. On the contrary, we are people who use passion to lead this change. We face the uncertainty head-on, always learning, always taking initiative to meet these new challenges, and always embracing the changes, both internally and externally.



The customer expects G7 to represent the latest development of the industry. Every G7 service is supported by a dozen or more teams. Any flaw in any step can turn customer’s hopes to disappointment. So behind the promises, must be the flawless execution by everyone in each link of the chain. At G7, the choice is clear between mediocre and best.



Every innovation at G7 requires a long process from designing sensors to developing algorithms to building out the service, and nothing is achieved by one team.  Collaboration is everything. Every team is critical. Speed of innovation is determined by efficiency of collaboration.  Our ability to cooperate determines if we live or die. Cooperation must be rooted in everyone's heart.


So, how can we achieve these values?

Put the customer first

For every role, regardless of front line, or backstage, whenever a customer is involved, they always come first.  We must consider this when determining right vs. wrong, and priorities.


Implement fast

The market is evolving rapidly and competition is fierce.  We must meet customer needs quickly. In today's market, those who succeed are those who don’t care what others think, don’t struggle with their internal deliberations, and instead, press forward. We need a faster rhythm in identifying requirements and delivering services. We can only fight battles and occupy the market if we have independent thinking. Every thought must be focused on executing, as fast as lightning.


Pursue perfection

Only by everyone making an effort to do their best, can we achieve overall excellent service. The best measurement of this is whether we have merely achieved the industry standard, or reset it. Everyone should setting new benchmarks, as a basic pursuit of quality in their work.


Help one another

Before we present the results of our works, we must consider those in the chain before and after our own link.  Are they also able to deliver quickly? Going the extra mile to help those around you will transform your work to value.


The future is clear. Now, is about having the correct posture to push forward. Together, let’s get ready for our future. Thank you.


Your Elder Zhai


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