People's Daily Recognizes G7 with a "Stealth Champion" Award

2017-11-06 14:37

BEIJING, Nov. 6, 2017 - G7 has been recognized by People’s Daily Newspaper/People’s Digital Agency as a leading Chinese “stealth” enterprise.  The inaugural forum on “the “Basic Necessities of Life” was held in Beijing and highlighted four industries that were crucial, but silent, in daily life: clothing, food, shelter, and transport.  G7, with its innovating logistics solutions, was the awarded Leading Stealth Enterprise for the category of Transport.  Other honorees were:

  • Clothing - Hanwha Clothing, for its leadership in Internet apparel

  • Food - Quantum Hi-tech, the world’s best-selling dairy probiotics

  • Shelter - Shangceng Decoration, a villa renovation business grossing over 2 billion yuan per annum


Each of the four Stealth Champion Enterprises were selected for strong domination in their respective fields, despite their obscurity.  People’s Daily Assistant General Manager Zhang Nuannuan opened the ceremony by reiterating the goal of the project: to raise

"The services provided by the G7 are indeed invisible to the general public," said Zhai Xue-Hun, the founder and CEO of G7. Nevertheless, the vast majority of people touch upon G7 services every day.  Over 80% of the Chinese logistics companies are using G7 equipment.  For anyone who has shopped online, or offline, their purchases have run through G7 systems. With sensors and comprehensive IoT unit embedded in each truck, G7 effectively mitigates risks for moving freight trucks while providing shipment data for fleet managers.

Following the award presentation, the recipients sat for a panel discussion to discuss what distinguished their businesses. Whether it was having a clear target user group for a clothing market or being aggressive in pursuing technology, each business held its own unique approach and yet shared a common goal to pursue excellence.

awareness to fast developing, high quality businesses which have significant impact to the Chinese economy.  These business serve as China’s leading brand ambassadors.


G7 CEO Xuehun Zhai presents G7's latest innovation to analyze and manage driver lethargy


G7 CEO Zhai Xuehun (2nd from the right) unveils People's Daily initiative to recognize leading "Stealth Businesses" that play a key role in basic every day life.

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