Xiang Wei Joins on as Product Vice President

2018-6-19 8:00

BEIJING, China, June 19, 2018 — Former Tencent technical lead Wei Xiang has joined G7 as the company's Product Vice President. Mr. Xiang Wei will lead the development team to accelerate G7's product development and innovation.


Xiang has been active in R&D and management for over ten years at leading Chinese tech conglomerates, such as Tencent and Baidu. During his tenure at Tencent, Xiang served as the architect in charge of search and advertisement.  In addition, he was the system architect and technical director of Tencent Positioning Service, a location-based service (LBS), and also oversaw vehicle-related products. These technologies are core to Tencent's networking and geographic applications. Xiang’s diverse experience with start-ups and Internet-of-Things companies, as well as intelligent hardware devices, makes him ideal for the G7 team, and will allow him to continue to take a critical role in transforming the logistics industry.


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