JD Teams with G7 During Its "18 Days of Discounts" Event

2017-6-30 18:32

Beijing, China, Jun 30, 2017 – As China’s e-commerce giants battle for consumers, online shopping festivals like JD.com’s "6-18" are starting to gain major momentum. During the "18 days of Discounts" event, culminating on June 18th, JD raked in a record US$17.6 billion in transactions, partly thanks to an increase in fashion, luxury, and maternity/infant care purchases.

This was a total sales increase of 50 percent over the previous year last year, enough to propel JD.com’s shopping festival to the ranks of Alibaba’s Singles’ Day shopping event, held on November 11. In 2016, Singles’ Day earned US$17.8 billion in sales in 24 hours, with US$14.71 million earned in the first seven minutes. Alibaba’s Tmall, JD’s main rival, still controls more than half of the eCommerce sector, with JD controlling just under 25 percent.


How did G7, as JD’s logistics partner and China’s leading IoT company, help in terms of handling the massive amount of orders?

In order to ensure efficiency and safety of JD’s logistic service during “618”, G7 sent its team members directly to the “front-line”, JD’s warehouse, to help with the activity.

During 618 Festival, G7 appointed engineers to all of JD logistics parks to provide 24-hour support. In addition to regular monitoring, scenarios were prepared for emergency situations and also goods safeguarding. All JD logistic vehicles are equipped with G7 Advanced System, which feeds truck data into JD's systems.  Not only does this provide real-time truck status, but also fuel consumption, allowing JD to benchmark its drivers and reduce overall delivery cost.


JD's "618" strengthened its brand and execution ability in China's eCommerce sector.  G7's support during this critical period highlighted its professionalism and expertise towards its customers and reinforced its strength in China's logistics sector.

Behind-the-scenes was the technical support staff, who also worked 24/7 to monitor the operation of the system.  This ensured a constant flow of all transport.

All JD logistic vehicles are equipped with G7 Advanced System, which feeds truck data into JD's systems.

About G7

G7 is China’s technology leader for the logistics sector. Its offerings span diverse aspects of fleet management, including order processing, short- and long-haul visibility, asset tracking, and dispatch/route planning. 85% of China’s largest logistics providers rely on G7 for their fleet management needs. Headquartered in Beijing, G7 has offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu with an extensive nationwide installation and support network. G7’s real-time solutions connect trucks, shippers, fleet managers and drivers to optimize the entire transportation ecosystem. In addition, G7’s partnerships extend to municipalities, warehouses, financial institutions, petrol stations and vehicle OEMs. G7 is China’s single point of entry into the world of fleet management. For more information, visit www.g7.com.cn

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