Inceptio Technology Receives the First Test Permit For Autonomous Driving Trucks On Logistics Highways In China

2018-11-28 8:00

BEIJING, November 28, 2018 Inceptio Technology has been issued China’s first test permit for autonomous driving trucks on logistics highways by the Smart Traffic Demo City Steering Committee in Baoding, Hubei Province. This marks the kickoff of Inceptio Technology’s plan for full testing on open roads. 

Baoding currently has five roads open for testing autonomous vehicles.  This includes a 5.4km highway specially designated for truck tests. Baoding has plans to open two more sections of highway, one of which is to be a closed highway area designated for self-driving vehicles.


In addition, Inceptio Technology and Baoding Autonomous Driving Test Center have also signed a strategic partnership to embark on an in-depth, long-term partnership to develop intercity highway autonomous driving technology, new-energy vehicles, and technical support for drive tests.



Inceptio Vice President Shangguan Yunfei (Left) Receives The First Road Test Permit

Baoding Autonomous Driving Test Service Center is an organization authorized by the Baoding government to manage the testing of autonomous vehicles.  Its test center is a milestone for commercialization of autonomous driving vehicles. This permit reaffirms Baoding’s commitment to autonomous driving and accelerates its path to develop as a smart city.


Stated Ma Zheren, CEO of Inceptio Technology, “The opening of road testing sections, especially on Baoding highways, will have a significant impact on China’s logistics technology and autonomous driving development. Inceptio Technology is honored to be the first recipient of the autonomous driving test permit. We plan to immediately initiate tests for our autonomous driving trucks. Our first logistics fleet customers will soon be able to experience real improvements in safety and energy-savings in new vehicles.”


Inceptio Technology was founded in April 2018 by G7, Asia’s largest fleet management platform, Global Logistic Properties Ltd (GLP) and NIO Capital. It not only develops industry leading autonomous driving technologies for trucks, but also operates transportation services that utilize autonomous technologies. Its technology currently targets L3 and L4 level inter-city trucking on public roads. Inceptio Technology will provide a highly flexible, nationwide Logistics as a Service (LaaS) via autonomous trucks powered by its proprietary technologies. Inceptio Technology will play a vital role in the building of the next-generation autonomous transportation infrastructure. Inceptio Technology is a global company, with R&D centers in China and the U.S. For more information, please visit


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