Hazardous Chemicals Transport Committee of China Federation of Logistics

and Purchasing Confers with G7 for Supply Chain Improvement

2019-1-18 8:00

BEIJING, January 18, 2019 On January 17, G7 Vice President Lining Chen welcomed Yuhang Liu, Secretary-General of the Committee on Hazardous Chemicals Transport for discussion on further approaches to advance the supply chain industry, specifically in the areas of safe transport of hazardous chemicals. Despite steady progress in 2018, China's hazardous goods transport is still not on par with its foreign counterparts. China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing recognizes the need for stronger policies and regulations, in the face of systemic lack of scalability, fragmentation, and instability.  

Both sides agreed to deepen cooperation in 2019 to improve cooperations between shippers, carriers and service providers. By leveraging technology, G7, and the Hazardous Chemicals Transport Committee plans to broaden visibility across all value chain players to promote a more cohesive digital supply chain system.


Chen presented G7’s plans for a digital control tower to monitor overall hazardous chemical transport safety. This platform is slated to launch this year and will significantly upgrade transport security while reducing cost reduction and improving efficiency.

Yuhang Liu, Secretary-General of the Committee on Hazardous Chemicals Transport

Secretary-General Liu acknowledged G7’s efforts and contributions and followed-up with a balanced portrayal of both achievements and shortcomings that have taken place over the past few years. The committee plans to use the collaboration to establish a benchmark for hazardous chemical supply chain transport and set goals for the transformation of the industry as a whole.


In 2018, the collaboration was recognized by the Industry of Chemical Logistics, by receiving the “Golden Barrel Award”. Even more validating, however, was G7’s invitation to participate as the data provider for the Dangerous Goods Transport Industry’s Annual Development Report. This report confirmed the direct correlation between intelligent security technology and improved transport safety.


In closing, G7 Founder and CEO, Xuehun Zhai, impressed the need for closer cooperation between G7 and the Hazardous Chemicals Transport Committee in order to accelerate improvements, quickly overcome bottlenecks, and work proactively towards a healthier industry and environment.

Representatives from the Hazardous Chemicals Transport Committee alongside

G7 Vice President Lining Chen, CEO and Founder Xuehun Zhai

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