CIMC Trailer Group and G7 Partner to Offer Trailer Leasing Service

2017-12-22 14:37

BEIJING, Dec. 22, 2017 - Guache Bang, the trailer business unit of China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd. (CIMC), and G7 have signed an agreement for cooperation in what has been viewed as a significant step forward for the fleet trailer industry.  The combination of China's leading fleet IoT company and one of world's leading semi-trailer manufacturers is expected to drive innovation in the trailer leasing business by enhancing adding a technology aspect to what has traditionally been regarded as a static commodity.


Guache Bang's close ties to global trailer rental companies serves as the launching ground for the new partnership.  G7, with partners such as WABCO, furthers its initiative to develop advanced "intelligent trailer" systems to complement its existing truck fleet management system.

Added Li Guiping, CIMC Vehicle Group Managing Director and Guache Bang Founder and CEO, "In this new era, we see the shared economy coming to the semi-trailer field, that is, semi-trailer rental business. Regardless of the development trends in Europe and the United States, this is the direction of our future: the shared trailer.  At present, China only has two companies in this area, and Guache Bang is one of them.


"From today forward, G7 and Guache Bang will work together to optimize the transport capacity of trailers through asset redistribution and increased utilization, thereby helping the logistics industry to reduce costs and waste. This will set the trend of development for logistics and transport industry," stated Li Guiping.


G7's forward-looking vision for the field of logistics and transportation has contributed in taking China's trailer operation to the next level. In areas such as express delivery, hazardous goods, cold chain G7 has sought to visualize the entire semi-trailer transport management process by promoting safe driving, intelligent scheduling, and fleet collaboration. Focusing on six smart data abilities: location tracking, temperature, load, anti-rollover, remote locking, tire temperature and tire pressure, G7's systems will consolidate disjointed trailer entities to centralize management and maximize fleet capacity.  This will build a new standard for the Chinese trailer market transport.

"G7 joins hands with CIMC, a global leader in the semi-trailer industry, to pioneer new solutions for the Chinese trailer and semi-trailer market. This is a critical initiative for G7 and its industry partners," stated G7 Founder and CEO, Zhai Xuehun. 


"Combining Guache Bang's advantages of resources and product capabilities, and G7's IoT+AI intelligent trailer management technology, this partnership will draft a new page in China's semi-trailer industry, and integrate trailer production, the leasing economy, and IoT data, leading to a new future of the shared trailer economy.


"I believe that in near future, trailers will be leased by merely scanning a QR code.  This will be the normal operation of trailer management," reaffirmed Zhai.


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