G7 Launches Solution For Bulk Commodity Goods

2018-12-27 8:00

December 27, 2018, Beijing - After having invested three years in R&D, G7 has announced its comprehensive solution for the management of bulk goods transport, specifically tailored towards commodity goods of national importance: cement, coal, and steel. Through a seamless integration of AI-based hotspot calibration, automatic load sensing, and transportation, the final product offers complete visualization of mobility and flow control. Real-time data, sourced automatically, not manually, provides a smooth and reliable experience for fleet managers.

On December 26, 2018, the 11th National High-Tech Forum of Chief Engineers of Cement Enterprises, sponsored by China Cement Association, was held in Xiamen on the coast of Ludao. This annual industry event brought together industry professionals, thought leaders, and regulatory officials. It was there that G7 unveiled its unique solution, geared for cement transport.

G7 Cargo Flow Management and Control Plan

Complete monitoring of goods flow at your fingertips. The first step, of course, is installation and device calibration. Next, when vehicles are loaded and unloaded, in real-time, the weight is detected and recorded. This data is then tethered to GPS location, ensuring that goods have been delivered to the proper location. Finally, all transport data is transmitted to the cloud and viewable through web platform or mobile app.

The G7 cargo flow management and control scheme first solves the problem that the vehicle can be located in real time through intelligent hotspot calibration. Then, the automatic load sensor can accurately identify the loading and unloading events of cement, and monitor the loading and unloading of the cargo. Finally, the transportation task is solved visually. There is complete monitoring of goods flow from start-to-finish, all on a one-stop information management platform.


It is worth noting that the transport of bulk goods has historically been reliant on manual data. Each business builds its own weigh stations along critical routes and hires staff to manually record product weight at each checkpoint. Everything is paper-based. These data-points are returned, but not in any timely manner. The overall process is costly and inefficient.


In contrast, the G7's automatic load sensor is installed at force points across the bottom of the vehicle. It interacts with the G7 smart hardware to identify and transmit tonnage, load changes, and location. It can infer whether goods have been exchanged or stolen, and even help determine driver inefficiencies, all in real-time.

An IoT Upgrade for the Cement Industry

As a critical commodity for infrastructure projects, cement has always been a key indicator for the national economy and is a symbol of the country's modernization. Last year saw steady development of the overall industry as companies made breakthroughs in emission reduction and technological utilization. Nevertheless, the road is still long. The “Made in China 2025” reform policy puts forth new requirements and restrictions for the cement industry. How can new technology upgrade of the cement industry, while being mindful of profitability and environmental protection?


Challenges present opportunities. Xiangzhong Kong, Executive Vice President of China Cement Association, stated in his speech, "New technologies make it possible for our industry’s future development.  Cement companies must focus on innovation, based on the internet, IoT and Big Data."


The Secretary General of the China Cement Association, Deputy Secretary-General Yutao Wang proposed, "The top engineers in the cement industry need to continuously improve and innovate. Green policies must guide transformation and upgrade the industry."


Added Kong, “As the industry's leading IoT company, G7 has made a strong case for using ‘AI+IA’ [Artificial Intelligence + Intelligent Assets] to demonstrate cement supply chain optimization and improve resource utilization efficiency. In the future, G7 should work more closely with cement industry partners to write this new chapter on intelligent supply chains for our industry.”

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