G7 Launches China's First Logistics Intelligence Research Institute

2017-8-18 17:00

Chengdu, China, Aug 18, 2017 – G7, China's technology leader for the logistics sector, announced that it will launch the G7 Institute in Chengdu. This will be China's first research institute to focus solely on networking and AI technology in the logistics industry.  The institute will gather the country's leading minds in AI and machine learning, and focus on IoT and Big Data, to revolutionize logistics transport.


Why Chengdu?  In contrast to Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, Chengdu is at the crossroads between commerce, technology, and culture. To boot, it has long been a hot spot for high-tech companies. Tencent was the first major company to sign a partnership the Chengdu's Gaoxin District (commonly referred to as a its “hi-tech zone”).  Soon after, its Chengdu team released "King of Glory", recognized as today's hottest mobile game in China. Microsoft also established its Cloud Accelerator in Chengdu and Alibaba created its Chengdu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center.  Dozens of well-known Chinese companies have set settled in the region.  G7's stationing of the new institute in Gaoxin will increase its regional profile for logistics.

According to G7 President Julian Ma, "G7's fleet management service has become an indispensable part of the process life cycle for today's transport businesses.  Combining the best of the science and technology ecosystem, Gaoxin's forward-thinking policies foundation, and G7's industry leadership, this center will serve as the cornerstone of IoT and AI innovation and will accelerate efficiency and security within the logistics. G7 will soon be launching its industry-leading intelligent fleet management system.  This will give each fleet owner, dispatcher, and driver a new experience driven by our AI technology.”


About G7

G7 is China’s technology leader for the logistics sector. Its offerings span diverse aspects of fleet management, including order processing, short- and long-haul visibility, asset tracking, and dispatch/route planning. 85% of China’s largest logistics providers rely on G7 for their fleet management needs. Headquartered in Beijing, G7 has offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu with an extensive nationwide installation and support network. G7’s real-time solutions connect trucks, shippers, fleet managers and drivers to optimize the entire transportation ecosystem. In addition, G7’s partnerships extend to municipalities, warehouses, financial institutions, petrol stations and vehicle OEMs. G7 is China’s single point of entry into the world of fleet management. For more information, visit english.g7.com.cn

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