G7 and Kelas Work Together to Help Upgrade Green Logistics

2019-1-7 8:00

XI'AN, January 7, 2019 On January 7, Jiangsu Kelansu Automotive Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (“Kelas”) and G7 officially established strategic cooperation to embed G7’s IoT devices on Kelas‘ diesel exhaust fluid (“DEF”) filling pumps throughout the country.

Jian Qin, Kelas General Manager and G7 Vice President Cong Huang

Kelas is the producer of AdBlue DEF, a leading Chinese DEF. In addition to AdBlue DEF, Kelas also produces other industrial denitration reducing agents, biodegradable antifreeze, and other automotive environmental protection products. AdBlue DEF is dispensed through Kelas AdBlue filling pumps.


2017’s 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China championed "defending the blue sky".  As a result, the management of high-emission heavy-duty diesel trucks has been set as a top priority. Adding DEF is one critical means to controlling emissions of diesel vehicles. DEF, a urea-based solution, when vaporized, forms ammonia which reacts with nitrogen oxide emissions (harmful pollutants) to form water ( H2O) and nitrogen (N2), both of which are harmless.


As a leading IoT technology company, G7 is committed to serving the logistics industry through the Internet of Things + AI technology. In cooperation with Kelas, G7 will build an Internet-enabled, wireless DEF filling system. Information such as filling data and pump status can be gathered in real-time and pushed to the cloud, enabling Kelas to easily monitor its station network. All this is performed, at a lower cost, and with less manpower.


Stated Jian Qin, Kelas General Manager, "We are very pleased to join hands with G7 in this strategic initiative. The technology provided by the G7 is exactly what we need. We believe that bringing our DEF stations online will not only enhance our operational capabilities but also help us better serve our customers."


Added G7 Vice President Cong Huang, "The annual sales of DEF in China is nearly 2 million tons and we expect vehicle emission standards to only get more and more stringent. Through our network of connected DEF filling stations with Kelas, G7 is committed to a blue sky and green earth.”

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