G7 "FMS Powered by Argus" Predicts Safety and Transport Delays via Artificial Intelligence

2017-9-18 17:00

BEIJING, China, September 18, 2017  - G7, China’s leading technology company for logistics, today introduced the industry's first intelligent fleet management system based off AI.  This automation of data processing enables fleets to make the leap from manual calculations to the Internet of Things.  Through FMS Powered by Argus, logistic teams can increase efficiency while decreasing accidents.


Historically, shippers have had basic needs with regards to fleet transport: identifying the location of the vehicle and goods.  However, there has always been a push for greater transparency and clearer visualization.  And now, with the rapid development of eCommerce, the scale of the logistics business has expanded into new territories.  From the cargo side to the transport side, each step in the value chain is focused on reducing the accident rate to achieve increased cost-effectiveness. G7 has years of in-depth insight both in logistics and IoT.  With its abundance of data, coupled with the Argus algorithm, G7 processes data to achieve "predictive" functionality.  Abnormalities are identified in real time, allowing for instant mitigation.

FMS Powered by Argus lowers risk through evaluation of personnel, vehicle, and road data.  Key functions include identifying symptoms of fatigued driving, route deviations, and poor driving habits.  By assessing whether routes+drivers are of low-, medium-, or high-risk, FMS Powered by Argus alerts management personnel to intervene quickly on highly probably events, before they occur.

In addition, Argus unusual anomalies such as illegal parking, slow driving, delayed ETA, and actual late arrivals are captured and recorded.  This feeds into anticipation of future delays and improves punctuality rate and efficiency of the fleet operator.  An analysis is done on an objective basis, therefore allowing operational staff to verify situations without spending significant time, or haggling with upstream or downstream players.


Early product tests show high-risk behavior decreasing by 32%. Through such risk prediction and human intervention management, events are controlled.  Negative driver patterns are adjusted.


Effective predictions bring effective intervention.  Effective intervention enhances effective management. Data has shown that given an extra 2.5 seconds of warning, collisions can be reduced by 90%. In the past, fleet management teams spend on average 1-2 hours per incident to review videos and understand driver situations.  Now, more than 80% of the anomalies can be automatically cited, leaving human intervention to focus on the remaining 20%.  In the near future, it is not inconceivable to have a single manager handling 100+ vehicles.


Fatigue is by far the largest cause of death for truck drivers, accounting for 6%.  With FMS Powered by Argus, AI is able to extract visual and vehicular cues to detect driver drowsiness.  Coupled with manual intervention, e.g. the fleet manager immediately contacting the driver, the rate of road fatalities due to fatigue should be significantly reduced.


G7’s FMS Powered by Argus applies advanced algorithm technology to actual logistics transport scenes, giving real solutions to fleet management, increasing efficiency and security while reducing cost. With its intelligent equipment and operation automation, G7 takes a big step into the future of the internet era for the logistics industry.



About G7

G7 Networks is China's technology leader for the logistics sector. Headquartered in Beijing, G7 has offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu with installation and support network spanning across China and neighboring countries. G7 is now connected to over 500,000 vehicles from more than 30,000 customers that cover all aspects in logistics such as express delivery, manufacturing, professional transportation and contract logistics. G7 Fleet Management Services have become a crucial tool and a basic data requirement in agreements for upstream and downstream collaboration in the logistics sector. Its key investors are Temasek, Eastern Bell, Tencent, and Global Logistic Properties. G7's real-time solutions enable visibility in vehicle location, speed, routes, fuel consumption, drivers' behavior, and cargo temperature, etc. It connects trucks, shippers, fleet managers, and drivers to optimize the entire transportation ecosystem. In addition, G7's partnerships extend to municipalities, warehouses, financial institutions, petrol stations, and vehicle OEMs. All of this combines to make G7 the single point of entry to the world of fleet management.  For more information, please visit http://english.g7.com.cn.




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