Gartner's 2018 Market Guide for Transportation Mobility Technology Features G7

2018-8-10 8:00

BEIJING, August 10, 2018 G7, China’s leader in fleet management solutions, was pleased to be included in Gartner’s 2018 Market Guide for Transportation Mobility Technology.  This comprehensive report provides a summary of where mobility and technology intersect.  In addition, Gartner’s report offers a deep dive into each geographic region and trends in such areas.


This was G7’s first time to be included in the report, which may be indicative of China’s rapid advances in logistics technology, particularly in areas of AI and advanced real-time safety solutions.  “We were pleased to be profiled as one of the Representative Vendors in the report, the only such vendor from the China region,” stated Philana Chen, Vice President of Global Development.

Gartner highlights three key influences in today’s Fleet Mobility Technology:

  • Government regulation

  • Driver safety

  • Need for real-time visibility

Two of these three areas are G7’s core silos for 2018.


Driver Safety

G7’s real-time driver behavior monitoring system gives fleet managers an at-a-glance holistic picture of their fleets.  Rather than pulling information from each vehicle, fleet managers can sit back and watch each vehicle push its data to G7’s cloud-based SaaS platform.  Once this information is processed, G7 updates a ranking table. The vehicles are sorted by safety score which is backed up with key data points, such as images of a yawning driver, front-facing videos of swerving driving patterns, and any unusual engine activity. In July 2018, G7 also announced its Trailer Management System, equipped with enhanced safety capabilities such as Rollover Stability and Reversing Warnings.


Real-time Visibility

Every fleet wants to know where its vehicles are real-time. However, G7 takes it two steps further. The first step is that G7 provides analytics to predict arrival times based on live data.  Multiple variables are factored in such as traffic, weather, and historical route times. By including internal and external factors to calculations, G7 provides the most accurate arrival and departure system on the market.  The second step is mitigation. Leveraging its broad client base - over 50,000 fleets are on G7 systems - G7 is able to provide recommendations for extreme delays, such as other suitable fleets with matching route itineraries.


Other industry reports have suggested that this industry will grow to US$34 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 23.50%.  However, these figures are the best guess given the relative opacity of the Chinese transport technology market. Gartner’s inclusion of G7 is indicative of the increasing transparency necessitated by today’s advanced technologies.












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