G7 and Foton Join Together for SuperFleet FMS Initiative

2017-12-27 14:37

BEIJING, Dec. 27, 2017 - G7, a leading IoT company in the logistics sector, and Foton Motor have signed a strategic partnership agreement to build and deploy SuperFleet Fleet Management System. This is the first in-depth cooperation between China's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer and the industry's leading IoT technology company. Both G7 and Foton bring their respective advantages to jointly develop and manage the Foton-G7 IoT platform.


"The cooperation between G7 and Foton is an important milestone in the field of global commercial vehicle networking. This is the first in-depth cooperation between an OEM network platform and the third-party fleet management platform.  This joint brand fully leverages the strengths of each company. Foton, as the vehicle manufacturer, collects the data from vehicle deployed in the field while G7 uses its Big Data platform and AI skillset to convert numbers into valuable decisions. Connecting trucks as soon as they leave the factories eliminates the need for end-users to install multiple devices and provides a single user experience for the end customer," stated G7's Managing Director, Ding Hu.

"As we move from the Internet to the Internet of Things, Foton has realized the need to evolve its digital platform and expand its technological ecosystem. The SuperFleet FMS is an outcome of Foton Daimler's ongoing innovation to address the needs of its customers in this new era of data. G7's fleet management system expertise will help Foton Commercial Vehicles establish an ecosystem integrating customer, vehicle and cargo. Together, Foton and G7 will provide the best vehicle experience for commercial vehicle users," added Foton Daimler Automotive Marketing Executive and VP, Wang Yugang.


The release of SuperFleet FMS enhances fleet business operations and management by providing a platform for managers to see route tracking, task monitoring, alarm triggers, driver distractions, and itinerary planning. The goal is to enhance fleet management efficiency in all aspects via real-time remote monitoring. At the same time, the algorithm behind the real-time visibility of the vehicle and driver status can be used to calculate the driver risk scores, predict the potential safety hazards, and trigger management interventions to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

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