Gartner's 2018 Market Guide for Real-Time Visibility Providers Features G7

2018-12-04 8:00

December 4, 2018, Beijing - Gartner, the world's leading IT research and consulting firm, recently released “2018 Market Guide for Real-Time Visibility Providers". This report provides a  comprehensive assessment of the leading global suppliers who provide real-time visualization services during transport to help supply chains and logistics companies. G7 is the only Chinese company to be profiled in Gartner’s report.

With Amazon setting the precedence for the “new norm” of e-Commerce transport, consumers and enterprises have higher expectations of transparency into their logistics. To this end, players that do not integrate external data into logistics platforms, risk becoming irrelevant.

Per Gartner:

Key features of Real-Time Transport Visibility Platforms combine a strong carrier network with real-time tracking of shipments, analytics, and reporting as well as integration to core business systems. They provide a multitude of benefits in the areas of customer service, carrier management, and transportation processes, enabling higher service levels and/or order fulfillment rates and efficiency gains for all (e.g., brand owners, logistic service providers, and carriers).


No period is this highlighted more than in China on this year’s Single’s Day when sellers, buyers, and transporters across China needed to track 1.88 billion parcels. G7 was critical during this time; its hardware that were embedded into vehicles provided, not only information location, but also transport quality data such as cargo temperature and goods integrity. Its software platform allowed a view into the data and well as comprehensive analysis on-time arrivals and transport costs.


This is the second time G7 products have been highlighted in a Gartner report. Previously in July, G7 was recognized for its telematics and service expertise in Gartner’s 2018 Market Guide for Transportation Mobility Technology.


Stated G7 Founder and CEO, Zhai Xuehun, "Being selected for Gartner’s Market Guide for Real-Time Visibility Providers is a validation of G7’s position by research institutions and markets. Being the only selected company in China is a recognition of the strong progress of our products and technology. In the development of smart logistics, G7 seeks to lead by innovation."


Such recognitions reaffirm the forward-looking vision and importance of the G7 "AI+IA" strategy, Artificial Intelligence + Intelligent Assets. Today, G7 continues to dig deep into industry needs and customer pain points. Through continuous R&D investment, innovation, and improvement of technology and equipment, G7 is setting the standard for the logistics and supply chain industry.



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