G7 Brings On Tencent EVP Julian Ma

2017-8-28 17:00

Beijing, China, Aug 28, 2017 – G7, China's technology leader for the logistics sector, announced today that former Executive Vice President of Tencent, Zheren "Julian" Ma, will serve as President at G7. Ma brings on a wealth of experience from Tencent where, for the past 9 years, he has led Tencent's strategy for vehicles.  This includes location services, autonomous driving, and telematics.


Ma's focus will be on expanding G7's Intelligence Product Line, promoting Internet of Things (IoT) technology in the logistics realm, establishing G7's Artificial Intelligence division, and overall, strengthening G7's R&D and management teams. 


"Internet of Things will profoundly change the pattern of many industries, logistics in particular,“ expressed Ma. "G7 is China's largest IoT platform with regards to the logistics and transport. In the future, our solutions will expand to equipment and facilities, serving as the cross-section between Artificial Intelligence, transportation, and asset management.  Through this, we will increase social value and improve fleet management, while helping the environment and saving lives.  I am excited to be a part of G7's entrepreneurial journey and contribute my experience in product innovation from Tencent. I endeavor to lead this team in creating innovative intelligent products that make our logistics industry more efficient.” said Ma.


Stated G7 CEO, Zhai Xuehun, "Ma's joining G7 is very meaningful.  He is one of the leading minds in the transport industry and plays a key role in our plans for G7.  With him alongside, I am confident G7 will transition smoothly into its next stage of growth to become one of the world's most influential enterprises."


About G7

G7 is China’s technology leader for the logistics sector. Its offerings span diverse aspects of fleet management, including order processing, short- and long-haul visibility, asset tracking, and dispatch/route planning. 85% of China’s largest logistics providers rely on G7 for their fleet management needs. Headquartered in Beijing, G7 has offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu with an extensive nationwide installation and support network. G7’s real-time solutions connect trucks, shippers, fleet managers and drivers to optimize the entire transportation ecosystem. In addition, G7’s partnerships extend to municipalities, warehouses, financial institutions, petrol stations and vehicle OEMs. G7 is China’s single point of entry into the world of fleet management. For more information, visit www.g7.com.cn

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