G7's Affiliate, G2Link, Deploys Auto-Sorting Robot Solution to Deppon Logistics

2018-7-16 8:00

BEIJING, China, March 26, 2018 — Smart Logistics.  What was once a “nice to have” is now a “must have” for many transport companies. Recently, G2link, a G7 and GPL affiliate company, teamed up with Libiao Robots to build the “sci-fi” robotic sorting platform of the future for Deppon Logistics. With this new initiative, G7 expands from truck to warehouse.

The process begins with the dispatcher placing the package on the automatic distribution robot.  Within one second, this robot will scan a code to read the designated location within the warehouse.  Immediately the most optimal route is generated.


This automatic dispensing robot, carrying its package, set off to its destination. Upon arriving, a yellow tray lifts, sliding the package to the lower receiving area.  Mission complete, the robot returns back to the dispatcher.

According to G2link, Deppon Yangzhou Distribution Center will be equipped with 250 such robots.  They can sort 10,000 parcels per hour and will start at 8 hours per day. As the system scales up to operating around the clock, distribution efficiency will greatly increase. For example, different shippers can share the same robots across different shift times during the day.

In particular, by distributing technology, various couriers will not be forced to build disparate systems.  They will be able to rent automated distribution platforms ad hoc. Shared resources also allow greater flexibility for shippers, as they can pay for only what they need, a feature particularly valuable for seasonal businesses.  G7link’s automatic distribution solution can handle the technical expansion for shippers and focus on its four key areas: sharing, intelligence, security, and expansion.


While improving efficiency and reducing costs, the new G2link system will also be environmentally beneficial.






About G2link

Shanghai G2link Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “G2link”) is an Internet technology company and platform business management company that unites various players in the logistics value chain and scales capabilities leveraging Big Data.  It seeks to consolidate technical know-how for small and medium-sized businesses.


G2link is supported by GLP, the largest logistics network investment management provider, and  G7. G2link has three major product categories: urban co-location, intelligent logistics park and logistics data cloud platform. Its product system integrates park owners, warehousing service providers, transportation service providers and financial services to form an efficient intelligent logistics infrastructure to promote business prosperity.


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