Enterprise SaaS

Location Mapping and

ETA Projections

Specific parts of the route can be viewed to understand speed or traffic conditions.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency tracked through mileage, engine status, fuel consumption, and braking distance.

Safety Monitoring

and Alerts

​Customized alerts can be sent through multiple channels.

Data-Based Driver

Behavior Assessment

Based on rules, drivers can be scored and compared.

Customers with a mix of their own fleet and/or 3rd party fleets need one consolidated system.

  • Dispatchers can remotely view and manage vehicle across multiple fleets

  • Ability to compare metrics such as fuel efficiency, driving behavior, on-time statistics

  • Data yields insight on operational weaknesses such as inefficient routes and underutilized trucks

  • Route optimization via machine learning algorithms incorporates real-time updates

  • Coordinates planning for scenarios such as pick-up, delivery, point-to-point, and reverse logistics

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