G7 Adds Self-Monitoring Capability to Its Hardware for More Efficient Maintenance

2019-2-27 8:00

February 27, 2019, Beijing - The latest addition to G7’s product suite is its Intelligent Automation Equipment Device Operating System (DOS). This system monitors the health of G7 equipment in real-time, ensuring that all hardware equipment is operating as expected. Intelligent-DOS remotely diagnoses hardware and software, determining if there are any issues. If any are found, Intelligent-DOS self-resolves and/or upgrades.

The job of Intelligent-DOS begins from the moment the device is installed into the vehicle. Efficiency is greatly improved as the device is self-aware of any malfunctions or improper installations.

In the past, hardware faults are “pulled”; engineers find issues during routine checks, or when customers call with issues. With Intelligent-DOS, issues are “pushed”; customer service agents know immediately when there are issues and resolve them remotely whenever possible. Customer service can also directly contacts drivers and advise on any necessary follow-on maintenance.

Often, improper data is a result of outdated software. Intelligent-DOS handles upgrades automatically, in a way that minimizes risk to the vehicle. This helps G7 maintain overall product stability.


Intelligent-DOS is just one example of G7 lightening the load of its customers by building more automated systems.


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