G7 Recognized with "2016 China Logistics Innovation Award"

2016-12-06 14:37

BEIJING, Dec. 6, 2016 -- The 14th Annual Conference of Chinese Logistics Entrepreneurs was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.  This year's theme was "Paving the Way for IoT-Enabled Logistics". At the conference, G7 was presented with an award for "Innovating in China Logistics".  In addition, G7's Head of Advanced Systems, Mr. Alex Ding, was invited to speak on the role of data in the modern logistics industry.

With the Chinese government placing great emphasis on “Internet + Logistics" for the current 5-year plan, the logistics industry has responded by stressing public entrepreneurship and rapid development. G7 has made major contributions to this industry and has been recognized so. 

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Ding reiterated that 80% of the current Top 30 Express companies are using G7 to manage their transport vehicles. In 2016, the combined fleet size of these top players has also increased by nearly 40%, showing a dramatic


G7 representative accepts the "2016 China Logistics Innovation Award". (5th one from right)

increase in national transport. By having a better understanding of data metrics, today's fleets are better able to maximize single-vehicle efficiency.

In addition to improving fleet operational efficiency, G7 also helps optimize fleet operating costs, and identify security risks. G7 Fleet Management System captures information such as real-time location of vehicles, drivers’ driving behavior, cargo safety, vehicles driving routes, engine speed,

driver-triggered events and fuel consumption. Live images can be uploaded via 3G video. In the case of one customer's instance, G7 was able to reduce its fleet’s dangerous driving behavior by 17% and overall fuel consumption by 8%. 

Stated Mr. Ding, data can completely change what we know about the vehicle and every process in transportation chain.  It is even forcing the market to its organization and production methods. With Big Data, we can foster services such as bidding platforms to rate performance and enhance efficiency. Through sharing information, collected from both upstream and downstream, shippers are able to find high-quality fleets in one click.  Fleets are also able to access more suitable jobs. In the logistics industry, ensuring the safety of goods and delivering them to the customer's hand efficiently is key. Data and the visualization of data have become must-haves in the transport process. 


G7's Alex Ding speaking on the role of data in the modern logistics industry.

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