2017 G7 Partner Conference: Connecting Innovation

2017-12-27 14:37

BEIJING, Dec. 27, 2017 - On December 20th, G7 hosted its inaugural partner conference, Connecting Innovation. Held at Shanghai’s Yuluxe Sheshan resort, the event not only highlighted G7’s latest product offerings but also presented a technological roadmap for the future of logistics in China.  Connecting Innovation emphasizes that each piece of the fleet ecosystem has a unique technology driver and FMS pulls them together for the complete picture.  Despite the event being limited to 1000 guests, the response was overwhelming with the final participant headcount more than doubling that. The event follows on the heels of G7’s announcement on December 18th of its latest round of investment from Bank of China and Global Logistic Properties (GLP).


The agenda was broken down into morning keynote addresses and afternoon breakout sessions.  Mr. Tao Tang, Managing Partner of Eastern Bell Venture, served as the emcee for the plenary session with the opening speech given by Mr. Zhiming Mei, CEO of GLP.  Mei stressed that China is experiencing a golden era that hasn’t been seen in centuries and that logistics is a key pillar of that development.

G7 Connecting Innovation Conferece

AI was the buzzword of the day with Mei reinforcing GLP’s investment in G7 as a means to expand its own technological horizons in Big Data, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence throughout the logistics industry.


Following Mei speech was Mr. Xuehun Zhai, CEO of G7.  “The path of the future is visible and achievable,” he reiterated.  Zhai revisited G7’s past three years with its focus on using technology to ease the pain points of fleets.  Despite the widespread availability of Microsoft Excel, he lamented that most fleets today are still tracking vehicles and cargo using paper slips and telephone calls.  Zhai hopes to leapfrog PC’s altogether to use cloud systems to run fleets, only calling on human intervention for anomalies.  “Not only will workload be reduced, but safety will be improved as well.  In the next three years, through AI, fleets will cut their accident rate down by 95%.  There will be no more casualties due to fatigue.”


His speech was followed up by an AI-focused presentation by G7 President, Mr. Julian Ma.  “G7’s product roadmap is explicitly built with AI in mind. Our AI engine is iterating and self-learning,” commented Ma. “The company is fully committed to using its IoT platform to support collaboration both upstream and downstream.”


Three key group managers at G7 presented their key product developments:

  • Fatigue detection via facial recognition

  • Data-driven credit scores as a financing basis for small and medium fleets

  • Intelligent trailers to complement intelligent trucks


Afternoon breakout sessions were hosted by esteemed guest speakers.

  • AI Imagination: Wise Minds for Logistics - Qi Ou, Forward CEO

  • From Artificial to Artificial Intelligence: A New Era for Fleet Security Management - Wang Jiangeng, G7 Fleet Management Specialist. Sui Yanhui, Haida Logistics Safety and Operation Director

  • Trailer Intelligence: The 5,000 vs 50,000ft View - Teoh Chee How, Wabco APAC Trailer-Aftermarket-Off highway Business Leader

  • Weiludai: How Banks and Logistic Companies Can Grow the Industry - Gongli, WeBank Corporate Finance General Manager

  • Credit Highs: IoT and the New Consumption Ecosystem - Dengqu, G7 Product Director


Capping off the afternoon was an “Oscar’s Award Ceremony” lauding businesses that are paving the way for the future of logistics.   With audience participation, four companies received recognition for their contributions:

  • For its contribution to the electrification of the Shanghai Railway system, DiShangTie received the award for Most Generating of Social Value

  • For its Logistics Safety Plan for Hazardous Chemicals, Haike Chemical Engineering was awarded Best Ecology Service

  • For its Flow Control Program, Hailuo Cement was awarded Most Innovative Service

  • For its leading LTL Automation Solution, DB Schenker was awarded for Most Innovative Technology


Throughout the afternoon, attendees were invited to visit the exhibition hall featuring the latest in Intelligent Trailer Systems.  Companies such as WABCO, the world’s leading EBS manufacturer, displayed their latest hardware platforms.  Participants were able to enjoy VR simulations demonstrating IoT’s role in cold chain, safety assist, and multi-axle driving.  Outside of the hall, visitors could climb into the latest Fuwa truck cab and see the driver fatigue monitoring system first-hand.


The final event was a real-time bid. Led by JD.com and China Post, over 20 shippers and 3PLs posted transport requirements and a corresponding QR code on the monitors. In realtime, over 400 fleets participated by scanning the QR code to bid for each job.  Once all the entries were in, within a few seconds, G7 compiled the most apropos fleet for each job.  The matched team would go to booths outside discuss their job arrangement.


During the conference, G7 signed several key partnerships which reinforced its influence in the logistics industry.  They included:

  • Guache Bang (CIMC Trailer group), a subsidiary under CIMC the global leader in trailer manufacturing to strengthen both companies’ commitment to building IoT Trailers

  • Changan Minsheng Logistics, China’s leading automotive integrated supply chain service provider

  • Shell

  • BCG

  • Cold Chain Logistics Certification (CCLC), to offer technology support for this standard, set by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Cold Chain Logistics Professional Committee System


G7 would like to thank WABCO APAC, Fuwa, Yongqiang Commercial Vehicles, Evergrand Commercial Vehicles, CIMC Jinan, Guache Bang, DENSO, and Michelin, for their sponsorship and participation, without whom this event would not have been possible.

Click here for more pictures from G7's Partner event.

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