GAC Hino Selects G7 to Monitor its Inaugural "Good Driver" Competition

2018-5-16 18:00

GUANGZHOU, China, May 4, 2018 — Sweltering heat was no deterrent to the kick-off of GAC Hino’s first annual "Good Driver" Competition. This year’s theme is “Be Your Own Fuel Savior”.  The competition spans two months, from May 4th until July 5th. Drivers will be using the GAC Hino Nakajima axis truck series.

The aim of the competition is three-fold:

  1. Help drivers master simple techniques for significant fuel savings

  2. Educate the logistics industry on the prevalence of fuel inefficiencies and related waste expenditures

  3. Raise awareness of the economic benefits of center-axle vehicles

As an important partner to GAC Hino, G7 will have the role of extracting and analyzing all data throughout the event.  Using the G7 fleet management platform, participants will gain full-visibility into driver behavior and vehicle performance.  G7’s monitoring also ensures the authenticity and objectivity of the competition.

During the final stage of the event, G7’s system will present the driving data of the vehicle in real-time, reporting on variables such as the number of brake activations, the ratio of economical rotations, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers. In addition, acceleration, harsh brakes, turns, idle speed events will be pulled from the engine so as to assess true driving behavior. Data analysis will be made available at all times providing full-transparency to the winning route.

Cargo transport parameters will also be monitored, such as loading and unloading information, and departure/arrival times.  These affect the cost, safety, and timeliness of deliveries.

This competition rely on the G7 intelligent management platform to support data analysis

From left to right, Mr. Zhang Zhiyong, Deputy General Manager of GAC Hino, and Mr. Wang Qi, Director of G7 Intelligent Vehicle Department

And they're off.  The first set of drivers sets out on a two-month long competition measuring skill and efficiency

Stated Mr. Zhang Zhiyong, Deputy General Manager of GAC, "Our hope is that throughout the competition, the leading drivers can share their valuable experience and quickly ramp up novice drivers. We want to highlight that excellent driving habits and data management can help logistics companies manage more effectively.  This is the motivation behind our cooperation with G7."


Wang Qi, Director of the G7 Intelligent Vehicle Division concurred, "G7 is excited to be providing intelligent management service support for this competition.  It is our contribution to the promotion of safer, economical, and more efficient logistics transport. It is also an opportunity for us to continuously learn more about our drivers and how we can serve them.”


The cooperation between G7 and GAC Hino will infuse IoT + AI into traditional transport management, an inevitable trend in the entire logistics industry.



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