Since 2010, G7 Technologies has been revolutionizing China’s
logistics and telematics industry.  

Protect Your Business


When companies choose G7, they are choosing a technology partner that not only knows where is the shipment, but also how it is being shipped.  We are able to monitor the conditions of the vehicle, road, and shipment to ensure that everything is running smoothly.  Fleet managers and drivers have peace of mind, knowing that our 24/7 operations are riding alongside, keeping a watchful eye on each truck.

Get Ahead of the Competition


G7 is an entire logistics ecosystem. Businesses that use G7 are opened to a world of opportunity beyond just track and trace.  Services such as G7's ETC allow vehicles to go cashless on expressways and reduce waiting times at toll stops by 80%.  Comprehensive bidding platforms help our private fleets connect directly with potential shippers within days. G7's fuel services take the headache out of monitoring fuel theft and managing fuel cards.  These are just a few of the cost-savings benefits of being part of the G7 Family.

Make Data-Driven Decisions


Whether it's selecting the best route or best driver, G7 does the number crunching so decisions are based on actual event data.  Processes that used to be manual, such as dispatching, are now automated, allowing for much more precision and complexity.  This is best driver for this task for this vehicle for this time period under these conditions.  All at the push of a button.

Large Fleet

Managing your fleet as well

as those of multiple suppliers?

G7 adds a layer of transparency between senders, coordinators, receivers, and vehicles.

Private Fleet

Who are your best drivers?

Where has the fuel gone?

G7’s vehicle data provides insight on your business efficiency.


Relying on 3PL's or 4PL's requires coordination. G7 helps schedule and track all the shipments, while optimizing delivery time and minimizing number of vehicles.

Small Business Owners

Running a business system can be expensive. G7 Personal Fleet Management Solution is a powerful, low-cost mobile app for owners and drivers to track, pay, and communicate.

Specialized Transport

The ice cream arrived frozen

but was it frozen for the entire journey?

G7 Smart knows.

Custom Solutions

Their truck has computers.

Yours has vaccines. Mine has liquid gas.

Every case is unique.

Let’s work on it together.

What makes G7 stand apart?


Tier 1 city coverage


Largest logistics companies in China rely on G7


Vehicles are being tracked by G7


Employees across China


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